Guide to Free Legal Advice Over the Phone

How to Benefit from Free Legal Advice Over the Phone

Not everyone can provide enough money to get advice from a lawyer. In fact, most of the people would say bad feedback about the law firms because of the fees asked by lawyers. Well, you cannot blame the lawyers since it is there means of living.

However, lawyers are not as inconsiderate as what you think. They also provide free legal advice to those who can’t afford to pay one. They even have different ways of providing free services to reach those who are worthy of it. One of the ways is through free legal advice over the phone.

Therefore, you can ask them just by contacting them.

What is Legal Advice?

Guide to Free Legal Advice Over the PhoneLegal advice is providing service through one’s professional view regarding a particular setting. Depending on a situation, it can either be from the lawyers or other professional advisors. A legal advice is given if the situation had been fully analyzed.

When a lawyer provides legal advice, the one who receives the service pays for it. This means that providing legal advice is different from free legal advice.

Lawyers offer free legal advice on the phone to tell you what to do about your situation. There are cases that need to be taken to court. And, this is where you decide if you are going to continue with their paid service. On the other hand, there is what we call pro bono where you can avail of the legal service without paying anything.

Legal advice is also different from legal information. All the information that you find on books or websites, which you use to conclude a legal decision through analysis, are what we call legal information.

However, even if there are legal information you can find on many websites, you are not sure how reliable is the information. Thus, either you look for the reliable websites like or you ask for legal advice.

How to Benefit from this Free Service?

You can start by searching for any local law firm on your place who provides this kind of service. You also need to know about their process for this.

You need to know that there is a time limit talking to them over the phone, so better prepare what you are going to say.

Who Can Avail the Free Legal Advice Over the Phone?

Since this is different from free legal service or pro bono, anyone who is in need of the free legal advice over the phone can benefit from it. You just need to follow the process of the agency or office. There are states and firms who offer the same service but have a different procedure.

Careful Who You Call!

How to Benefit from Free Legal Advice Over the PhoneThere are offices who provide free legal advice, but those who answered are not even lawyers or they could be from the opposing side. They might give you an incorrect insight. Though, there are situations where non-lawyers are helpful with analyzing your situation.

But, asking lawyers when it comes to legal advice should always be considered. Good thing that it is now easier to reach them.

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