Boston for Independence is a website for all the business-minded people in Boston and anywhere else. The blog is run by Steven Fiedler and based in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a well-known businessman and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share on anything about business, finances, and related fields. Together with his team of writers, this blog has been a valuable and informative resource for many businessmen and women and business studies students.

Boston for Independence aims to give anyone who is looking for information the ability to start their own business, get answers relating to new and existing businesses, and help students learn about and understand the real world of business. Boston for Independence believes that information and knowledge of real-life business are the keys to doing well and becoming successful business owners or investors.

If you are looking for advice, real-life knowledge, experience, and know-how, this is where you will find it. The articles on this blog contain everything from the basic principles of business to opinions and analysis of existing big and small businesses and much more. You will find that you walk away with new and interesting information every time you visit this page.

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