Soon-To-Open Maid Service Agency: A Guide to Your Preparations

Like any other businesses that are in the onset, you will need to accomplish the paperwork for your maid service agency startup. You will have to do market research and to devise a business plan particularly to serve as your own individual reference so it may not have to be very elaborate. There is the acquisition of permits to operate. There are the liability insurances, tax requirements, and advertising and marketing for you to deal with.

Would you believe all these make up the easy part of the trade?

You have other, bigger and more complex aspects which you will have to handle as you start your own maid service company and which will be your real-life hands-on test of business acumen and street smarts.

It shall at first look simple and so, read on and take up the challenge.

Cleaning Supplies, Tools and Equipment

You have to be truly resourceful at sourcing your house cleaning solutions, paste, detergent and other agents, and the brushes, sponges, brooms, sweepers and mops, only to mention the most basic. These cleaning materials will have to be economical and yet effective.

maid service agencyIf you have to scour every nook of your town or city to find the cheapest sources, do so.

Do not discount the idea of getting materials from a neighboring town or even from another state. If it will be easier on the pocket in spite of the costs of transportation or shipment, then try for that option.

There is also the choice for you to purchase only the cleaning tools and equipment while you concoct your own cleansing agents. If you personally have the knowledge or some friends and relatives in the family are clued-up with chemical or even organic blends of cleaning solutions, then you just found yourself another option to consider.


As a maid service provider, your human resources are the lifeblood of your business.

There are many ways for you to find and hire your housekeepers. Since you are just in the commencement phase of your housekeeping business, you may rely on reliable referrals. Of course, there are a whole lot of internet job listings site where you can post advertisements seeking housekeepers.

You have to be very meticulous and cautious in your hiring process. Your prospective maids should be able to turn in all your paper requirements although you should not settle for only their updated police and court clearances, amongst several other requisites in their application with your maid service agency. You will have to allot a certain budget to outsource background checking to professionals.

This is crucial. You are not selling harmless, government-approved products. You are providing housekeeping services wherein you will be letting people who are background checked and hired by you into homes of clients who trust you to be sending them trustworthy cleaners. It is not all about reliability in terms of effectiveness of the cleaning services but even just equally important about the safety and security of your clients, their families and their homes.

You should have to hire for abilities as well as clear legal records.

Cleaning Service Packages

You are new to an overly saturated cleaning services provider industry. You need to understand the value of branding.

You need to identify what will set you apart from the already established competition, the likes of Maid Complete, among many others.

Competitors may virtually be everywhere but believe that originality and creativity never run out. There will always be that one thing, or two which you can think of amid your busy preparations that will make you stand out as a maid service provider.

Start with your packages. There are the classic packages targeting the budget-minded clients and the customers who can afford maid service at a higher price, and every other category in between. They have even already thought about providing cleaning services categorized as per area or segment of the house. There are also the so-called add-ons if there may be clients who want thorough cleaning for a specific appliance. What has your maid service agency got?

Now is the time to get ahead by being more creative. Think about it and think hard. It will do your business great.

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